Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Selection of Feeds on Awesome!

In my opinion, the selection of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds on is incredible.

There’s one feed for each of the four major pro sports’ (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA) top stories. 

There’s a feed for the latest news in college football.  There’s a feed for timely soccer stories.  There’s a feed for “Horse Racing Headlines” (sorry I took that phrase right from the RSS Index on, but the alliteration was just too good to pass up!).

There are feeds for publications from lots of ESPN journalists, for each blog focusing on a specific division in the NFL, and more.

If you want to follow your favorite “ESPN city” (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or New York) there’s a feed for you.  Check out the one for ESPN Los Angeles, for example.

But what if you’re a SoCal resident who only wants news on the Lakers?  Then you can subscribe to the Lakers blog feed instead.

At least one feed is dedicated to a specific athlete, and all its current links lead to at least some media content that involves the New York Yankees’ Curtis Granderson.  The content about the centerfielder ranges from articles that merely mention him to a recording of an appearance he made on Michael Kay’s radio show in which he discusses a number of topics with Kay and Kay’s co-host.

And of course, I didn’t mention every RSS feed has to offer.

And oh, by the way… if you’re just looking for the biggest sports stories of the day…there’s an feed for that, too.

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