Thursday, March 22, 2012

ESPN’s RSS Page Isn’t As Thorough As They Say It Is

When I first started this blog I did a post on how awesome the choice of RSS feeds on is.  While I still think ESPN does have quite a collection of news feeds, there are some things about them that aren’t so awesome.
One of those things is the lack of comprehensiveness of the ESPN's catalog of RSS feeds, which is titled “RSS Index."

Go to this index and you’ll be met with a paragraph that begins, “Below is a list of most of the news (or “RSS”) feeds that offers.”  Also, the sentence with the link to this page calls the index “complete.”

Give me a break.

Lots of ESPN’s RSS feeds aren’t included in this “complete” appendix. 

There are feeds for the five ESPN Cities, none of which are listed on the allegedly complete RSS page. 

I found a feed for Peyton Manning recently, and discovered feeds for Tim Tebow and for the Baltimore Ravens in completing this blog post.  How many of those three RSS feeds are included on ESPN’s “complete” list?  Zero.

Here's a screen shot of ESPN New York, where Tim Tebow is everywhere.  But his RSS feed isn't listed on  ESPN's RSS page.

Now it’d probably be a little ridiculous to think ESPN could have a single page that listed every single news feed one might subscribe to via their website. 

I’m pretty sure there are tons of news feeds on  I typed “Brandon Bing” into the search bar on, and even he has his own RSS feed....  

You don’t know who Brandon Bing is, do you?  That’s exactly my point.

But still, how can you call a directory of RSS feeds “complete” if it’s missing feeds of guys like Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow?  They’re both major NFL stars who have been extra newsworthy lately (though they might not be quite as newsworthy by the time I finish writing this post…it’s taking me too long).

And though it would still be relatively easy to subscribe to Manning’s and Tebow’s feeds, or to find info on either of the athletes in some other way, it would certainly make life easier for sports fans if listed more of the newsworthy RSS feeds on its RSS feed page.

Am I alone in my thoughts here, or do I have a point?

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