Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Statistics Rule

Sometimes when it's late at night I like to pick up the paper and read all the stats in the back of the sports section.

I probably come off as a little bit of a nerd, so I'm sure that the people who know me aren't at all that surprised that I like stats.  

For example, last Friday night, Thomas Tyner, who plays football for Aloha High School in Oregon rushed for 644 yards and 10 touchdowns (some sources list his total yardage as 643).  That's crazy, and I'm sure anyone with an eye for sports would agree.

But it goes beyond simple stats too.  I care about things that most other people in the universe probably have no interest in whatsoever.  

For instance, there are currently 20 teams in the NFL with a record of 1-1.  Unless you're arguing that just about every team in the NFL still has a chance thus far into the young season, this statistic isn't really relevant.

But I would like to know when the last time was that this many teams were 1-1.  It seems like 20 teams at 1-1 is a lot (In fact, an article on indicates that 20 teams at 1-1 is a new record for number of 1-1 teams in the National Football League).

Again, that's not really relevant, but I wanted to know.

But I think that irrelevant stats can be a lot of fun too.  In honor of Thomas Tyner's 644-yard performance last week, here's a listing of three incredible NFL records courtesy of

3.  Six NFL kickers have gone an entire football season without missing a single field goal.  The most recent was Shayne Graham in 2010, who played a combined nine games with the Patriots and Giants and went 12-for-12 in field goals (all of which came during his time in New England).  Interestingly enough, Graham missed two extra points that year.

2.  On November 11, 1990, Derrick Thomas had seven sacks in a single game as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.  That stands as the record for most sacks in a single game in the history of the NFL.

1.  On December 10, 2009, Ben Roethlisberger lost 60 yards due to sacks in a game against the Cleveland Browns.  That's currently number one on the list of yards lost due to sacks in a single game.

Like I said, random stats can be a lot of fun.

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