Friday, September 7, 2012

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankeeeeeeeees Looooooooooooosssssssseeee!

Since I'm from Summit, New Jersey, I grew up a fan of the Giants and Yankees.  But I have to admit I'm incredibly disappointed the team hasn't been winning as of late, going 7-13 (.350 win percentage) since August 16 (stat from

I expect much better.

I've gone back and forth a little bit, but as of right now I think the Yankees' minimum standard for any season should be an appearance in the ALCS.  I truly think that if you have anything to do with the Yankees organization, even if you're just a fan like me, you need to expect the Yankees will do well.  

A photograph of the 1922 New York Yankees from Wikimedia Commons.

Think about teams like the Lakers and Patriots.  They win so much and field competitive teams so often, you just expect success each and every season.  It's the same with the New York Yankees.  For crying out loud, they're the Yankees.  They have to win.  A rock solid tradition of good players and lots and lots of W's mandate the standard of the team should be nothing less.

I'm tired of going on to the Internet every night, only to find the Yankees lost again.  Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman, and the rest of the Yankees really need to get this thing figured out.  There's at least one disgruntled fan who's getting a little bit frustrated, and thinks he deserves better.

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