Friday, December 7, 2012

Someone Says the New York Yankees are Trying for Third Baseman Kevin Youkilis

Will you believe it if it happens?  Youk to the Yanks?  

An article by Andrew Marchand cited "sources" as saying the Yankees offered Kevin Youkilis a contract.

As a big fan of the New York Yankees, I can't help but be a little intrigued by the fact that the Yanks are interested in Youk, former first and third baseman of their arch-nemesis Boston Red Sox.  He was always one of the players I loathed most, and it seemed like Yankee reliever Joba Chamberlain wasn't too fond of him either.  

So how would he fit in with his new teammates?  

After all, Youkilis has been hit by a pitch 99 times during his 9-year MLB career, and 11 of those HBPs came at the hands of current New York Yankees.  And of the eight Yankees who have hit Youk, Mariano Rivera has beaned him most (3 times in just 15 plate appearances).  I can't help but wonder what Youkilis' relationships with his teammates will be like should he end up joining his former enemies.  

But at the same time, I'm not exactly angry about the potential of my favorite baseball team picking up the guy has referred to as The Greek God of Walks.  There's something ironically appealing about the Bronx Bombers picking up one of the baseball players I've disliked most, though I was somewhat less enthusiastic when I read Jimmy Kraft's blog on that mentioned Youk's "constant whining at the plate when a strike is called...."

Brian Cashman isn't talking to the media about Youk.  "Yankees general manager Brian Cashman declined to say whether he has made Youkilis an offer," Marchand wrote in his story yesterday.

But you never know with the Yankees, and I'm sort of hoping that come the 2013 MLB season, the Yanks will have a new starting third baseman ... at least for a little while.  

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