Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chris Capuano Joins Exclusive Club

Pitcher Chris Capuano today joined an exclusive club of baseball players.  He didn't record his 3000th strikeout or win his 300th game.

Among members of the group he joined are: One Hall of Famer (Rickey Henderson), nine All-Stars (including Capuano), and a player whose last name would probably be first in an alphabetical listing no matter how many baseball player names you can find (David Aardsma).

One of the three Mike Stantons is on the list too (yes, I counted "Giancarlo" among the Stantons Mike) along with current Yankees broadcaster David Cone (which also marks the second David mentioned in this post if you happen to be keeping score).

So, just what is this group, exactly?  Well, today, Capuano became just the 21st player, and the thirteenth pitcher, to play for the Mets, the Yankees, and the Red Sox.

Yes, just like Bartolo Colon, Tony Clark, and John Olerud, Capuano is one of the few to have played for Boston, New York, and New York.  Is this as significant an achievement as having reached the 3000-strikeout plateau?  No.  Is it still pretty good? Yes.  Not everyone makes the majors, and fewer still get to play for three franchises that are so easily recognizable.  

So congratulations, Mr. Capuano, on your achievement and good luck in your Yankees tenure!

*All statistics and information used in this post came from

**You can find the full list of players who played for the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox by clicking here, though Capuano has not been added to this list yet.

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