Thursday, February 23, 2012

ESPN Seems to Have Lots of Stuff on Its Website

I’ve spent a little bit of time exploring recently because I’m keeping this blog.  As a result of my searching, I’ve come to believe there really is a lot of material on the website.  Let me give some examples of the things I've found that have led me to believe that's true. 
Second of all, I found a calendar that lists sporting events for each day.  Assuming the information on the calendar is correct, the employees who made it must really do their homework, because there are at least a handful of events listed for every month of 2012.  For instance, the traditional college football game between the Army Cadets and the Navy Midshipmen will be played on Saturday, December 8 this year.
Third of all, I found a page on that lists scores in college sports.  It includes both scores of games that have happened already, and games that are scheduled to occur.  For instance, today is February 23, 2012, and this page tells me that today in the world of women's college softball, Florida beat Texas A&M by a score of 6 to 4 .  It also tells me that San Diego State is schedule to play Texas at 11:30 this evening (Eastern Standard Time). 
Of course, there’s other content I’ve found that I didn’t mention above, but the stuff I did mention is a sample of what I’ve found during my searches of that makes me think there’s a lot on this site.  Hopefully there are still more wonders waiting to be discovered.  After all, I chose to follow on this blog because I’m a sports fan. 

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