Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New England Patriots: A Summary of Online Articles

Tonight's blog post will summarize articles on the New England Patriots from the Boston Herald, ESPN Boston, Comcast Sports Net New England,, and the Boston Globe.  All the articles summarized will be from the online versions of the sources, with the exception of one article from the Boston Globe.

From the Boston Globe: "Receiver Salas Hopes to Catch on Quickly" by Gary Washburn:

This news story is about Greg Salas, a receiver who is new to the New England Patriots.  He was acquired recently through a trade with the St. Louis Rams.  The article explains he fits into the team as a backup to Wes Welker.  The article also talks a little about the affects of the transition to the new team, such as his having played under current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels last season when both were with St. Louis, as well as giving lots of basic information about Salas that introduces him to the fans.

From the Boston Globe: "Source: Mike Kafka Works out for the Patriots" by Gary Dzen:

The main news this article conveys is that the New England Patriots "recently" had quarterback Mike Kafka work out for them.  The article also mentions that the Philadelphia Eagles cut Kafka last week, and gives a little bit more detail on Kafka's playing career.

From Comcast Sports Net: "PFT: Winslow to work out for Patriots" 

This report cites Pro Football Talk as having reported that tight end Kellen Winslow will work out for the New England Patriots.  It also quotes directly from Pro Football Talk a partial list of tight ends the Patriots already have: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Visanthe Shiancoe, and Jake Ballard.

From Comcast Sports Net: "Patriots Bring in QB Kafka for Workout" by Tom E. Curran

In this article, Curran notes that quarterback Mike Kafka worked out for the Patriots Tuesday.  Curran also suggests that people were concerned when New England cut quarterback Brian Hoyer while paring their roster down.

From Comcast Sports Net: "Patriots Post-cut Diligence Continues with Kafka, Others" by Tom E. Curran

Curran gives a list of ten players who worked out for the Patriots on Tuesday, including Mike Kafka.  He goes on to give a few other notes on Kafka, the most important of which are that the Patriots may want to add him to the 53-man roster, but that they probably only want"an updated evaluation on Kafka in case the quarterback they selected in the third round last year -- Ryan Mallett -- doesn't work out."

Price weighs the Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones against Giants star Jason Pierre-Paul in this article.  According to an anonymous NFC scout quoted by Price, Jones is a game-changing player like Pierre-Paul.  The article also concedes, however, that Pierre-Paul has played very well during his NFL tenure, and that Jones stil hasn't played in a regular-season NFL game.

From "Belichick: 'I Guess' Waters Could Return" by DJ Bean

Bean summarizes some of Belichick's thoughts on various topics in this piece.  "'Is it possible?  I mean, I guess.  I don't know," said Belichick of the possibility Brian Waters plays for the team this year.  Also, Belichick says that, emotionally speaking, it's more difficult to cut players that were on his championship teams than it is to cut ordinary players.

From "2010 Pick Jermaine Cunningham Rounds Into Form" by Karen Guregian

The main point of this article is that New England DE Jermaine Cunningham seems to be coming into his own as an NFL player after not living up to his potential in his first two seasons in the league.  He had a very good pre-season according to the article, and his college position coach Dan McCarney suggested he had about a two-year learning curve in college before becoming a very good player, and that he could possibly have a similar curve in the NFL.

From ESPN Boston: "OL Warren Added to Practice Squad" by 
Mike Reiss

This very short article simply states that New England signed Jeremiah Warren, an offensive lineman, to their practice squad Tuesday after releasing fullback Eric Kettani from the practice squad earlier in the day.

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